Soundness In Motion

Logo, Branding, Website
Project Overview
We were tasked with creating a visual brand and website for Soundness In Motion to help bring attention to their new business and to attract potential customers. They requested a website with the capability to show potential clients the benefits of equine and canine massage and physical therapy related treatments like PEMF, and the ability to directly message the owner through the website's chat feature. They also wanted contact forms for direct booking. We created a logo capable of staying relevant over time while also explaining the services provided in a visual way. To further implement the visual brand, we also created muscular, anatomical illustrations to act as a textural element.
About The Client
Amy Khoury is the owner and practitioner for Soundness in Motion Animal Therapy. She is a Certified Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapist (Equine Massage), Certified Equine Kinesiology Tape Practitioner, and a Certified Animal Cold Laser Therapist. As a certified animal bodyworker in multiple methods her goal is to help Large and small animals perform and feel their best. She is able to recommend different methods to achieve the desired results and healing. If you are seeking performance based preventative therapies or wellness and healing from injuries, she is an integral member of your pet or animal sports athlete's health care team. She brings knowledge, honesty, professionalism, and a love of animals to serve your sports medicine needs.
Project Details
Soundness In Motion needed visual branding and an online presence to transition from promoting the business and booking new clients through word-of-mouth only to being able to grow the business more productively and with less work by letting the logo and website speak for the business. We created a visual brand, logo, website, social media posts, poster, brochure and business cards and since then, the business has received great attention and more quality clients.
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