Ruby Mountain Beef

Logo, Visual Branding, Website
Project Overview
We were tasked with creating a visual brand and website for Ruby Mountain Beef to help bring attention to their blog and to attract potential customers. They requested a website with the capability to host two blogs: one for recipes, and one for news on the beef industry and local farming. They also wanted contact forms for direct sales and a site with the potential to move towards e-commerce in case a bill that is currently in the works gets passed allowing farmers to butcher and sell their own meat. We also created two logos, one for primary usage and one auxiliary logo solely for swag items.
About The Client
Ruby Mountain Beef LLC is a family run business based out of the Ruby Home Ranch in Lamoille, Nevada. Lamoille is a small farming community located at the base of the Ruby Mountains, about 20 miles southeast of Elko in Northeast Nevada. The ranch is located at about 6,000 feet of elevation. A mix of wild sage, lush pasture grass, alfalfa, pure mountain water and fresh air are just part of the recipe. The meat they sell their friends, and are now offering to a select few people, is the same beef they feed their to own family.
Project Details
Ruby Mountain Beef needed visual branding and an online presence to transition from providing beef to family and friends to selling it locally at farmers' markets and through local vendors. We created a visual brand, two logos, and a website with the ability to share and market their products and with the potential to move towards e-commerce in the future.
Ruby Mountain Beef Primary Logo
Ruby Mountain Beef Auxiliary Logo
business cards and pattern
primary logo mug
Auxiliary logo folded sweatshirt
auxiliary logo baseball cap
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